I love to put out bird feed, both in the feeder and on the ground.  I get a variety of birds, from quail to doves, plus the usual sparrows.  One day I had nine pheasants stop by—eight hens and one rooster.  The rooster hopped up on the stairs and peeked into the door window. 

The deer that live in our back yard and those of our neighbors, stop by as well to have a little snack.  I wondered why I had to put out so much feed.  One day a doe peered into our door window as if to say, “we’re out of feed out here.”  It’s fun to peek out the window during the day to see who has stopped by.

I have also noticed that our deer friends visit my haystack.  Note the hay on the ground and the bale they have munched on beneath the others.  I hope I don’t have a cave-in one of these first days.  I have my doubts that the extra deer-impeding tarps I added are helping.



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